Weekly Reader - July 11, 2022

Weekly Reader - July 11, 2022
Photo by Julia Zyablova / Unsplash

Welcome to Finestra’s Weekly Reader, wherein we recount intriguing, important, or infamous health care-related stories you may have missed over the past week.

  • “At last, medical guidelines address care for adults with Down syndrome” (Washington Post) - For decades, adults with Down syndrome were subjected to uneven medical care; however, new guidelines are aiming to standardize and normalize how they are treated.
  • “Crowdsourced Data on Overdoses Pinpoints Where to Help” (Kaiser Health News) - An epidemic of overdoses in the United States has been a tragic disaster, and some experts believe that crowdsourced data can help public health officials take action.
  • “VA vs. private hospitals” (Healthcare Economist) - Are private hospitals or hospitals within the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs better at managing efficiency? The answer is not as easy to ascertain as one might suspect.
  • “How Pfizer Won the Pandemic, Reaping Outsize Profit and Influence” (Kaiser Health News) - During the worst of the COVID-19 global pandemic, Pfizer garnered much praise for its development of an effective vaccine. But there’s more to this success than most people are aware of.
  • “Is Makeup Messing Up My Sunscreen?” (New York Times) - If people wear both makeup and also sunscreen, is their protection from harmful rays still intact? This helpful article explains how to make sure both your style and skin health are on point.
  • “‘Free’ Screening? Know Your Rights to Get No-Cost Care” (Kaiser Health News) - You may be entitled to no-cost medical attention and not even know it. Here is some useful advice toward figuring it out.